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Residing at the crossroads of electronica and dream pop, Hexteria’s brand of hauntingly seductive music is rooted in the dark and ethereal. Imbued with poetic lyrics, and floaty synth work juxtaposed against a kaleidoscope of weighty motifs, the Oregon-based artist evokes complex and cinematic emotions.

Hexteria is a visually-led creator at heart, with many of her releases drawing influence from modern cinema and other media forms. Her latest record was heavily inspired by ‘90s erotic thriller films and dark poetry, echoing their color palettes and how they translate to instrumentation. She has also released ‘Passion Aggressive’, an experimental 6-track E.P, ‘Psychic Tantrum’ (2020) and Erotic Thriller (2022).

"It’s epic, ambitious, genius, lovely, strange and beautiful. A mammoth achievement! Why she is not number one eludes me. Pure class. What a brilliant mind!"


- Steve Kilbey, The Church

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"An album that may make you want to drop what you're doing (your clothes, perhaps?) and just bathe in the sound. A powerful voice with a composer's knack for range, dynamics and subtlety. There are SO many perfect sonic and compositional touches and moments with each track. I was well-impressed with her prior album as well. Yet another artist Lynch should've snapped up for the end of the TP [Twin Peaks] The Return episodes. 100%.”

- Bandcamp review from Anthony Childs

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HUMP! Film Festival 2021

"Hexteria possesses a voice with other worldly qualities. If you dare to listen to her in person you are likely to suffer an acute case of the gooseflesh."

- Stan Keightly, Infinity Room (Salem, OR)

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