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HEXTERIA was born in 2017 with the release of Passion Aggressive, an experimental 6-track E.P. with lo-fi charm and the frightening intensity of someone returning from a years-long hiatus due to burnout and disillusionment. Taking the bones of her acoustic, lyric-driven past, Tonya Pieske formed a new and eclectic solo project that folded in the unfamiliar territory of electronica and dreampop. Drawing inspiration from a range of artistic mediums and genres, each release has become more complex and cinematic in theme and instrumentation. 

With the most recent release of Erotic Thriller in 2022, the inner world of Hexteria was expanded to include a narrative version of the album in the form of a companion book (physical and audio), which incorporated other complimentary poetry and prose. Erotic Thriller is a story that can be read, heard, and most importantly, felt. 

"An album that may make you want to drop what you're doing (your clothes, perhaps?) and just bathe in the sound. A powerful voice with a composer's knack for range, dynamics and subtlety. There are SO many perfect sonic and compositional touches and moments with each track. I was well-impressed with her prior album as well. Yet another artist Lynch should've snapped up for the end of the TP The Return episodes. 100%.


If you enjoy the standalone album this ups it a level with excellent short stories/vignettes between/integrated into the songs. The physical book includes these passages, song lyrics, poetry & ephemera. Amazing singing voice, wonderfully read passages, the songs, the songs, the songs. Pure seduction."

- Bandcamp review from Anthony Childs 


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